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2023 - Trail Development

TRMBA in partnership with the District of Tumbler Ridge were awarded $500,000 in 2020 through the Rural Dividend Grant program. Construction of this project is nearing completion for Summer 2023.

The Tumbler Ridge Jump Trail is under major revitalization Summer 2023 as well! This single track trail is being expanded into a Green, Blue and Black (with a return trail) and will be opening fall 2023.

2021 - Pump Track

TRMBA constructed a paved pump track downtown Tumbler Ridge build by Velosolutions and Canadian Ramp Company in 2021.

2019 - Trail Master Plan

TRMBA worked with Canadian Ramp Company and Progressive Trail Design on a Trail Master Plan for Tumbler Ridge. This project provided trail mapping with estimated trail costs and more, and was fully funded by the District of Tumbler Ridge.

2019 Marketing - Website Launch

In 2019 TRMBA raised 50% of the funds for this website, while NDIT supported the other 50%. This project is important to TRMBA so visitors and locals can stay up to date on the latest biking news in Tumbler Ridge and our region. We hope you enjoy!

How You Can Help!



Advocate for, enhance, support, develop and preserve mountain biking trail opportunities for local and tourist users.

Land Management

Provide land management solutions and/or recommendations to other interested groups.


Create and implement bicycling education and other related opportunities and events for trail users of all ages and abilities.


TRMBA Commits to building safe, sustainable trails.  We are confident that the trail system will be economically and socially beneficial to the region.  The directors are committed to maintain any trail constructed.

The Tumbler Ridge Pump Track - Sponsored By Freshmart

The TRMBA along with our many partners has built a paved pump track for Tumbler Ridge.  Pump tracks are a great place for all ages and abilities to develop skills and confidence. This track is the only one of it’s kind in Northern BC and was built by Velosolutions and Canadian Ramp Company.

Constructed in 2021

Learn more on the Pump track page

NOW OPEN! Downhill Trails

  • The ridge above town has 300m of elevation and our longstanding dream – that is  IN PROGRESS! is creating a multi million dollar downhill trail network.
  • Our downhill trails attract major visitation and are often used for competitive events.
  • These trails are located very close to town and are a short ride from your backdoor.
  • All of our trail names piggyback off of the existing hiking trail name – The Bald Spot. You will get to trails named Mullet, Blowout, Buzzcut and Rat Tail.
  • To find this trailhead, head to The Bald Spot trailhead near the District of Tumbler Ridge water tower. To the left of the gate is our up trail, Buzzcut!

Our trails master plan is complete and features this map of viable trail routes on this ridge.  Our next step is to work with Rec Sites and Trails BC to secure tenure on this area so we can begin development of these trails.

NOW OPEN! Tumbler Ridge Jump Park

  • This is a newly completed project, owned and operated by the District of Tumbler Ridge.
  • This jump trail network consists of a Green, Blue and Black jump line, as well as a return up trail. These trails connect to the Interpretive Trail and are accessible from Mesa Place, or bikeable from the Visitor Center.
  • This was build by Axis Mountain Technical and Landmark Trailworks.