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What is a Pump Track?

A pump track is designed for all things on wheels. From bikes to scooters and skateboards, a pump track is a playground for all. By combining rolling jumps with turns and berms they are accessible for all. Teaching the basic skills of carrying momentum, balance and speed by using your arms and legs to pump your bike/board/scooter around the track. As you get better the tracks are designed to provide more challenges for you with no changes to the construction.

pump track

The Tumbler Ridge Pump Track

This project was a paved pump track in downtown Tumbler Ridge. The project was administered by the Tumbler Ridge Mountain Bike Association and is owned by the District of Tumbler Ridge. This paved facility is open for a wide array of users and skill levels, from beginner to expert, from scooters to skateboards and bikes. TRMBA intends for this to be a welcoming and comfortable community space that families and residents can enjoy. Construction was completed in 2021.

Pump track volunteers
Pump track volunteers

Economic Benefits

  • Increased Tourism Opportunities: Locally & Regionally
  • Business Opportunities – Bike Shop, Rental Shop, Restaurants, Campgrounds, Tour Operators
  • Health Care Cost Savings – Biking reduces the risk of chronic Diseases in Communities
  • Attraction and Retention of Families and Professionals
  • Community Pride – The growth of strong pride for community built and funded biking infrastructure

Social Benefits

  • Child, Youth and Family friendly recreation
  • Affordable and inclusive local recreation
  • Provides an alternative for Youth to the Skate Park in the summer months
  • Positive health impact on residents, young and old
  • Low impact activity for all ages
  • Pride for our local achievements and growth of a biking community

Donations & Sponsorships

In January 2021, TRMBA launched their Family Name donation program for the pump track project. This donation program is for any family or person who wishes to contribute to the project. A person who donated $250 will have their name displayed at the pump track as a donor.

  • District of Tumbler Ridge
  • Peace River Regional District
  • Northern Development Initiative Trust
  • Lake View Credit Union
  • Tumbler Ridge Community Forest


  • Freshmart


  • Meikle Wind / Pattern
  • Versatile Vinyl
  • Higson Law Corporation
  • Grizzly Dog Storage
  • Tumbler Ridge Lions Club


  • Tumbler RidgeLines
  • DeWetter Industrial Services

Family Donations

To be commemorated along with our funders at the Pump Track

  • Trevor, Meagan & Ainsley Culter
  • The Inkpen Family
  • Alex & Alexis Murray
  • Ben Caldwell
  • The Callaway Family
  • Doris and Dale Brocke
  • The Schulz Family
  • The Cool Family – Jordie, Stephanie, Brooks & Kane
  • The Hodgkinson Family
  • The Krakowka Family
  • The Pittman’s – Kevin, Monica, Hudson & Brynlee
  • The Butters Family – Herb, Heidi, Jane, Richard & Anne
  • The Miedzinski Family – Jane, Curtis & Willa
  • The Alexander Family – Heather, Jason, Alexis & Ethan
  • The Carlstrom’s
  • The Kirby Family
  • Gerald, Nicole, Alexis & Emmett Noksana
  • The Drever Family
  • Paige and Willy Lane